quiz on finding the function antiderivatives

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Math Quiz: Find antiderivatives of a function

This math quiz on antiderivatives of a function allows you to deepen the appropriate algebraic calculation techniques.

Rules of antiderivatives game

To pass this math quiz, you just have to find one of antiderivatives of the proposed function.

This quiz on mathematical functions allows you to practice using the techniques of finding antiderivatives.
Quiz on finding function antiderivatives

The calculator integrated in this math quiz is able to give the different steps that lead to the result, this is a great help to better understand the techniques that allow to do integral calculation. All the calculations in this game are done with the antiderivatives calculator.

Function antiderivatives game

This math quiz on function antiderivatives is a good tool to improve your practice of algebraic calculus techniques.

Course reminder : algebraic calculation, real functions.