arithmetic operations on fractions

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Math game: operations on fractions

This math quiz allows you to work on calculation techniques on whole fractions.

Rules of the math game on fractions

The principle of this game on fractions is simple. To succeed, all you have to do is find the result of an operation between two fractions. The operation can be an addition, a subtraction, or a multiplication between two whole fractions.

This math game is based on the calculation of whole fractions. To win this quiz, you just have to find the result of an operation between two fractions.
Fraction calculation game

If you are having trouble finding the solution, this math game is able to give you the right answer with the calculation steps. All the calculations in this game are done with the fraction calculator.

Calculation game with fractions

This math quiz on fractional calculation is well suited for juniors, with this math game they will be able to develop their calculation techniques with fractions, including addition, subtraction and multiplication of whole fractions.

Course reminder : numbers, fractions.