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Maths game : Countdown

The countdown game is an online math game adapted for kids, derived from the famous TV game show. It is a simplified version of the game that allows older kids to practice mental arithmetic and younger kids to do arithmetic exercises. This numerical calculation game is not only fun, but also an excellent arithmetic exercise. Its simple rules and its possibilities of parameter setting allow it to be addressed as well to the juniors as to the seniors. This site allows you to play this arithmetic game online regardless of your school level.

  • Kids will find in this math game, a pleasant and motivating game that will allow them to improve their mental calculation skills.
  • In family, the playful side of this serious game, makes that everyone will take pleasure in practicing mental arithmetic, and will try to beat the different records.
In short, the version of this arithmetic game online with solution proposed on this site is a mental calculation game perfectly adapted to kids and adults.

The goal of the countdown maths game is to find a target number using arithmetic operations from a list of given numbers.

Rules of the arithmetic game

The rules of countdown maths game are similar to those of the TV game. You have 5 numbers and you have to get the target number, by combining these 5 numbers with the 4 basic operations (+;-;*;รท): addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Each number can be used only once, you can combine only positive and integer numbers. Unlike the classic arithmetic game version of countdown, in this adaptation, the numbers are chosen so that you can do most of the "head calculations": the target number is always less than 100 and the numbers to use to find it are chosen between 1 and 20. This version of countdown maths game is an excellent mental calculation game.

Here is an example of a countdown game to find: the target number is 53. You have the following numbers 3;6;5;1 to reconstruct it using basic arithmetic operations. To do so, you just have to perform the following calculation sequence: [3+5=8 ; 8*6=48 ; 48+5=53]. To play the online calculation game, you have to use the yellow numbers and blue operators to build the calculation sequences that allow you to reach the result. As soon as a calculation sequence is validated, its result appears. You can delete the calculation sequences at any time by using the trash can located in front of each line. You can obtain the solution to the calculation game by clicking on the "solution" button. If you can't find a solution to the math game, or if your proposal is incorrect, you will be given an answer. This answer is not unique, it is a possible result, there may be others . Namely, the site proposes a solver of countdown maths game which allows to find a solution to the calculation game. The use of the countdown game calculator is intuitive and the results are calculated quickly.

Countdown game for juniors

Countdown maths game for juniors is free and accessible to all audiences, its simple rules and the variety of media on which it is available make it a math game that can be used anywhere and at any time of the day. This arithmetic game for kids can be used at school, at home, in transport, on vacation, in short everywhere. It is a simple but complete integer numbers game since it involves all the basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and also division). This online mathematics game has a real educational function , it allows you to develop your mental calculation skills , thanks to the intellectual gymnastics that it imposes, this whole numbers game allows you to develop your attention and memory. The search for solutions that this numerical activity requires encourages the development of reasoning skills.

Countdown game calculator

The answers to the countdown game are determined automatically online, thanks to the solver that allows to find a solution to this arithmetic game. This countdown game calculator is able to calculate a target number from the numbers set as parameters and using the 4 basic operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. When the calculator can find the result, it is returned, otherwise the solution that is closest to the target number is returned.

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