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Maths game : multiplication tables

Multiplication is one of the 4 operations of elementary arithmetic, the result of a multiplication is called the product. The multiplication of integers has several properties among which the associativity, the distributivity and the commutativity. Commutativity will be the most useful property for the multiplication game proposed on this page, we say that multiplication is a commutative operation which means that the order of the factors can be reversed without changing the result of the calculation of a product of integers, for example 7*3=3*7 =21. To master the multiplication of integer numbers, it is important to know the multiplication tables. This free multiplication game offered here allows juniors to learn and review the multiplication tables from 1 to 10.

This online math game helps to learn the multiplication tables. It is an excellent exercise to train mental calculation. This number game allows you to learn online all the multiplication tables from 1 to 10: table of 1, table of 2, table of 3, table of 4, table of 5, table of 6, table of 7, table of 8, table of 9, table of 10. It is possible to learn all the multiplication tables at the same time or choose the multiplication tables on which you want to practice.

Times tables game to revise and learn multiplication tables from 1 to 10 online.
Times tables game

Rules of the multiplication tables review game

The principle of the multiplication tables game is simple, you just have to find the result of the proposed operation among a list of values. This number game is similar to a mathematics MCQ on the multiplication tables. To play multiplication tables online, you must choose the result of the proposed multiplication. If you fail to find the correct answer to the multiplication tables game, or if your proposal is incorrect, you will be given the solution. For example, for the following multiplication calculation 3*2, the product of numbers game, suggests to choose the answer from the following list: 27;6;40;64;24. To win, all you have to do is select the right result, namely 6.

Multiplication tables game for juniors

The online multiplication tables game is suitable for all audiences and especially for elementary school kids. This calculation game is therefore the ideal tool for juniors to learn multiplication tables online. This multiplication game has a real educational function, it allows kids to develop their mental calculation skills. The intellectual gymnastics required for multiplication operations also helps to develop attention and memory.

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