comparison game of two integers

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Math game: compare 2 numbers

This game on numbers comparisons allows to practice comparing two whole numbers, the use of the calculator is not necessary to make the calculations, which favors and encourages the practice of mental calculation.

The goal of this integer comparison game is to find the operator (less than, greater than or equal to) to place between the numbers being compared.
Number comparison game

Purpose of the number comparison game

The principle of this number comparison game is simple, you just have to find the right comparison operator (> or <).

In case of calculation error, or difficulty, the solution is proposed which allows to correct oneself.

This number comparison game is well adapted to kid, but can be used by other audiences.

Number comparison game

The simplicity of this online number comparison game makes it well suited for school children and middle schoolers. After a few games, kids will be able to compare numbers easily.

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