4 operations game

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Maths game : Four operations

This online math game allows you to review the following four arithmetic operations: subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. This arithmetic operations game is an excellent mental calculation training exercise for juniors. This number game allows juniors to review basic operations online while improving their calculation practice. This site allows to play online the game of the four operations.

This online game of mental calculation, allows to revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, It helps students in learning arithmetic operations.
Four operations game

Rules of the game of the four operations

The principle of the game of the four operations is simple, you just have to complete the proposed equality. This game of numbers is presented in the form of a mathematical MCQ, it is enough to choose the good answer to the arithmetic calculation proposed among a list of proposal. For example, for the following calculation 16+5, the arithmetic game proposes the following numbers: 20;0;21;16;2, to win, you just have to select the right answer, namely 21. If you can't find the right answer to the four operations game, or if your suggestion is incorrect, you will be given the solution.

The four operations game for juniors

The online four operations arithmetic game is well suited for elementary school juniors. The simple operations in this number game have a real educational function, especially in developing the mental calculation skills of the youngest. This is why this number game is perfectly suited for training kids in arithmetic.

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