division game

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Maths game : division

This online math game allows you to review whole divisions. It is an excellent training exercise for the calculation of divisions. It allows juniors to review quotients of numbers online while improving their division practice.

Online game of calculation, which allows practicing integer division.
Division game

Rules of the division game

This operations game is a mathematical multiple choice quiz (MCQ), the principle of the division game is simple. The goal is to choose from a list of values the result of the division of a whole number. The numbers are chosen to encourage mental calculation. If you cannot find the correct answer to the division game, or if your proposal is incorrect, you will be given the solution. Here is an example of a quotient calculation to find: the number quotient game proposes to find the result of the ratio between the numbers 90 and 9 among the following numbers 12;8;10;6;19. Once the correct answer is calculated, you just have to select it to win. In case of error, the correct solution is indicated.

Division game for juniors

The online division game is particularly suitable for elementary school juniors who can use it alone, with teachers or parents to practice whole divisions and mental arithmetic. Children will find this number ratio game an excellent introduction to whole number fractions.

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