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Maths game : addition tables

This decimal numbering game allows kids to review the addition tables. This online math game is an excellent mental calculation training exercise for kids. Kids can review all the addition tables from 1 to 20 at the same time or choose the addition tables you want to practice on.

Addition tables game to learn, revise, memorize addition tables from 1 to 20 online.
Addition tables game

Rules of the addition tables review game

This game on the sum of numbers is presented as a mathematical MCQ on the additions, the principle of the game of the addition tables is simple, it is enough to find the result of the proposed operation. To play addition tables online, kids have to choose from a list of values, the result of the proposed operation. If you can't find the right answer to this sum game, or if your proposal is incorrect, you will be given the solution. For example, for the following calculation 10+10, the addition game proposes the following numbers: 20;15;5;7;8, to win, you just have to select the right answer, namely 20.

Addition tables game for juniors

This free addition game has a real educational interest for kids, thanks to this online addition tables game, kids will be able to develop their mental calculation skills. This numerical activity allows juniors to develop attention and memory. This number game is an excellent complement to other decimal number games that allow to learn the multiplication tables, to do mental calculation, to learn the subtraction tables, and to do whole divisions.

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