missing number game

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Maths game : Find the missing number

This online math game is based on arithmetic operations with holes, it allows kids to review the basic arithmetic operations. It is an excellent training for online mental calculation. It allows kids to review the multiplication tables with holes from 1 to 10, to practice addition with holes and subtraction with holes.

Online calculation game: You must find the missing number in a mathematical expression.
Missing number game

Rules of the missing number game

The goal of the missing number game is simple, you just have to find the missing number for the presented equality to be right. The simplicity of the rules of this online game makes it accessible to everyone, allowing everyone to improve their mental calculation skills.

This number game is a mathematical MCQ on arithmetic operations with holes (addition, subtraction, division): to play find the missing number, you have to choose the right number in the proposed list. If you can't find the right answer in the online game, or if your proposal is incorrect, the solution will be given to you as for all the other educational math games proposed on this site. For example, in the following hole multiplication ?*6= 36, the game of the number to find, proposes to win by choosing the right result in the following list: 6;2;24;40;20.

Find the number game for juniors

This number game is suitable for all audiences and especially for kids in elementary school. This number game is an excellent introduction to equations for kids, it is at the same time an addition game with holes, a subtraction game with holes and a multiplication game with integers. This game on numbers has a real educational function, it allows juniors to develop their mental calculation skills. The search for solutions allows the juniors to develop their attention and memory thanks to the intellectual gymnastics that it imposes.

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