game about calculating the perimeter of a geometric shape

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Math game: calculate the perimeter of a geometric shape

This math game allows you to use the formulas to calculate the perimeter of a square, a rectangle and a circle.

Rules of the math game on the usual perimeters

The principle of this length calculation game is simple. To succeed, all you have to do is find the perimeter of a geometric shape using the calculation formula provided.

This game allows you to practice calculating perimeters on common shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, circle.
Perimeter game

If you have problems to find the solution, the calculator integrated to this game will give you the solution step by step. All the calculations in this game are done with the perimeter calculator.

Perimeter game

This math quiz on geometric figures perimeters is well suited for juniors, it will help kids to develop their calculation skills using common perimeter formulas.

Course reminder : geometry, numbers.