game on the calculation of the area of a geometrical shape

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Math game: calculating the area of a geometric shape

This math game allows you to use the formulas to calculate the area of a square, a rectangle and a circle.

Goal of the math game on usual surfaces

The principle of this area calculation game is simple. To succeed, all you have to do is find the area of a geometric shape from the calculation formula proposed.

This game allows you to practice the calculation of simple surfaces: square, rectangle, circle.
Game about area calculations of usual figures.

This math quiz on the areas of geometric figures is well adapted to juniors, it will help kids to develop their calculation techniques by using the usual formulas for calculating areas.

Resources used for area calculations

All the calculations in this game are done using different area calculators (square, rectangle, disk) that give the solutions step by step, which makes it easier to understand the results obtained.

Course reminder : geometry, numbers.