These time calculators allow you to calculate time, calculate speed from a distance and a duration, convert durations, convert speeds and finally convert speeds to paces.

6 calculators
  • Pace to speed converter : The calculator allows you to convert a pace (time needed to cover 1 kilometer) into speed expressed in km/h.
  • Hours calculator : Time calculator that allows you to make hourly calculations and time conversions using the h:min:s (hours, minutes, seconds) format.
  • Time converter : Time calculator that can convert durations into seconds, minutes, hours and days.
  • Speed conversions : The speed converter allows online conversions to :.kilometers per hour, meters per second, miles per hour, feet per second, knots
  • Average speed calculator : The calculator returns a speed in km/h from a distance and a duration, or from a pace (duration necessary to cover 1 kilometer).
  • Speed to pace converter : Pace calculator from a speed in km/h, the pace is the time to cover a distance, usually expressed in min/km or min/mile.