Time : Reminder

Time is a physical measure, its unit of measurement in the international system is the second noted s. It can also be expressed in days noted d, hours noted h, minutes noted min, seconds noted s.

The relations between all its durations, are the following:

These relations allow to make conversions between these different units of time.

Time conversion table (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
120:00:00 5d 120h 7200min 432000s
96:00:00 4d 96h 5760min 345600s
72:00:00 3d 72h 4320min 259200s
48:00:00 2d 48h 2880min 172800s
24:00:00 1d 24h 1440min 86400s
12:00:00 0.5d 12h 720min 43200s
01:00:00 0.041666666666667d 1h 60min 3600s
00:45:00 0.03125d 0.75h 45min 2700s
00:30:00 0.020833333333333d 0.5h 30min 1800s
00:15:00 0.010416666666667d 0.25h 15min 900s
00:01:00 0.00069444444444444d 0.016666666666667h 1min 60s

Time is used in the calculation of many physical measurements such as average speed or pace.

Average speed

The average speed it is expressed in meters per second (m/s) in the international system, it is often expressed in km/h. The speed converter will allow you to make speed conversions in different units: kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second (m/s), miles per hour (mph), feet per second (fps), knots (kn).


The pace is the time taken to cover 1 km, it is possible with the help of calculators to determine the pace from the average speed or to transform a pace into speed.