Here is a list of calculators that allow you to perform algebraic operations on mathematical expressions. Thanks to these calculators, it is possible to develop, factor, reduce, derive, integrate functions or solve equations and inequalities in an automatic way, with details of each calculation step.

18 calculators
  • Algebra calculator : Calculator that allows to make algebraic calculation by combining operations with letters and numbers, and to indicate the steps of calculation.
  • Even or odd function calculator : Calculator for determining whether a function is an even function and an odd function.
  • Simplifying surds calculator : Online surds calculator that allows you to make calculations in exact form with square roots: sum, product, difference, ratio.
  • Trigonometric Calculator : Calculator wich uses trigonometric formula to simplify trigonometric expression.
  • Partial fraction decomposition calculator : The calculator allows a rational fraction to be broken down into simple elements.
  • Derivative calculator : The derivative calculator allows steps by steps calculation of the derivative of a function with respect to a variable.
  • Taylor expansion calculator : The taylor series calculator allows to calculate the Taylor expansion of a function.
  • Logarithmic expansion : The calculator makes it possible to obtain the logarithmic expansion of an expression.
  • Trigonometric expansion : The calculator makes it possible to obtain the trigonometric expansion of an expression.
  • Expand calculator : Calculator is able to expand an algebraic expression online and remove unnecessary brackets.
  • Expand and simplify an algebraic expression online : Online calculator that allows you to expand and reduce an algebraic expression.
  • Factoring calculator : The factoring calculator allows to factor an algebraic expression online with steps.
  • Properties of a numerical function : This calculator lets you study a function using the following algebraic calculation tools: derivative, antiderivative, is_odd_or_even_function, equation_tangent_line, discriminant, degree, valuation.
  • Integral calculator : The integral calculator calculates online the integral of a function between two values, the result is given in exact or approximated form.
  • Indefinite integral calculator : The antiderivative calculator allows to calculate an antiderivative online with detail and calculation steps.
  • Limit calculator : The limit calculator allows the calculation of the limit of a function with the detail and the calculation steps.
  • Trigonometric linearization : Calculator that allows to linearize a trigonometric expression.
  • Simplify Calculator : Calculator wich can simplify an algebraic expression online.