These statistics calculators allow you to calculate the arithmetic mean of a series of numbers, to find the frequency of a series of numbers. You can also use these calculators to find the variance, standard deviation, maximum or minimum of a series of values.

6 calculators
  • Standard deviation calculator : Calculate online the standard deviation of a set of values, the exact result is given to the calculation steps.
  • Standard statistical functions calculator : This calculator allows you to apply standard statistical functions to a series: average, standard_deviation, variance, max, min, sum.
  • Max of a list : The max function returns the greatest value of a list.
  • Min of a set of number : The min function returns the smallest value of a set of numbers.
  • Arithmetic mean : The average function allows to calculate the arithmetic mean of a series of values.
  • Variance : The variance function allows to calculate online the variance of a serie.