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Calculator wich can simplify an algebraic expression online.

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Calculator wich can simplify an algebraic expression online.

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Simplify calculator

Simplify an expression or cancel an expression means reduce it by grouping terms. The calculator allows with this computer algebra function of reducing an algebraic expression. Used with the function expand, the function simplify can expand and collapse a literal expression.

Simplify an algebraic expression

The calculator is able to do calculation with letters (literal calculation), this function allows you to group, collect the terms of an expression to obtain a reduced form of this expression.

To simplify an expression, enter the expression to cancel and apply the function simplify. Thus, for the simplification of the expression following a+2a, type simplify(`a+2a`) or directly a+2a, after calculating the reduced form of the expression 3a is returned.

The calculator simplification possibilities applies to alphanumeric expressions and therefore also to purely numerical expressions.

Simplify a numerical expression

The symplify calculator also applies to numeric expressions, it allows to do exact calculation with numbers :

  • For example, the calculator is able to simplify the following expression 1+2-5, to get the result of this calculation, enter simplify(`1+2-5`), the calculator returns -2
  • Another example of expression that the calculator is able to simplify `1+2-5/3`, to reduce this expression, enter simplify(`1+2-5/3`), after calculating the result `4/3` is returned.

Simplify fractions

This calculator offers the possibility to simplify a fraction, to do expression calculation composed of fractions and to give the result as an irreducible fraction as the specialized fraction calculator does. The fraction calculator has however the particularity to provide the steps of the calculations allowing to obtain the reduced fraction .

The algebraic calculator can for example simplify a fraction like this : `2^(k+1)/2^k`, just enter : simplify(`2^(k+1)/2^k`). It should be noted that in this fraction, the numerator exponent and the denominator exponent contain letters. Thanks to its literal computing capabilities, the calculator can easily simplify this fraction.

Simplify complex numbers

The calculator allows you to manipulate complex numbers in their algebraic form, it can simplify an expression composed of complex numbers as does the site's complex number calculator .

Simplify functions thanks to their properties

The calculator uses different methods to simplify mathematical expressions: it uses function parity to simplify certain results.

For example, to simplify the following expression simplify(`cos(x)+cos(-x)`) , the calculator uses the parity of the cosine function. For some calculations, the calculator specifies the properties used to simplify the results, as shown in the previous example.

Simplify trigonometric expressions

The calculator also allows you to manipulate trigonometric expressions, it can simplify this type of expression by using the usual trigonometric formulas .

It is thus possible to use this calculator as a trigonometry calculator to simplify trigonometric expressions such as the following simplify(`cos(x+pi/2)+cos(-x)+sin(x+pi)`). For some calculations, the calculator specifies the properties used to reduce the results, as shown in the previous example.

Simplify surds

The calculator also allows you to symplify surds, it can simplify square root by using the square root function properties.

Exercises, games and quizzes on simplifying algebraic expressions.

To practice the different calculation techniques, several quizzes on the simplification of algebraic expressions are proposed.

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