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Time calculator that can convert durations into seconds, minutes, hours and days.

Time converter

Time calculator that can convert durations into seconds, minutes, hours and days.

Time converter will help to make time conversion. With this time calculator, it will be possible to make duration conversions expressed in seconds, minutes, hours, days to days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Time Conversion

The time calculator automatically performs conversions in all available time units. The notations to be used for the durations are :

  • s for seconds;
  • min for minutes;
  • h for hours;
  • d for the days.

For example, it is possible to get the conversion of 60s in minutes but also in hours and day, simply enter 60s to get the result using the following formula time_converter(`60s`). This other example shows how to obtain the conversion of 3600 seconds in hour, for that, it is enough to enter 3600s, one obtains the conversion in hour but also in minutes and day using the following formula time_converter(`3600s`). On the same principle, the calculator can also transform hours into days: as for example 48 hours in days or 96 hours in days using the following formulas time_converter(`48h`), time_converter(`96h`). The time converter is also capable of performing the reverse operation, ie convert days into hours: As for example 1 day in hours or 2 days in hours with the following formulas: time_converter(`1d`) and time_converter(`2d`) .

The time converter is suitable for conversion in many time units. The combinations are numerous, here are some of the possible operations:

  • conversion from minutes to seconds;
  • conversion from minutes to hours;
  • conversion from minutes to day;
  • conversion from hours to days;
  • conversion from hours to minutes;
  • conversion from hours to seconds;
  • conversion from days to hours;
  • conversion from days to minutes;
  • conversion from days to seconds;
  • conversion from seconds to minutes;
  • conversion from seconds to hours;
  • conversion from seconds to days.

All the transformations of time units carried out by the calculator are done simultaneously, which makes it possible to obtain the desired results quickly and simply. The different calculation steps are also specified.

Time conversion table (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
120:00:00 5d 120h 7200min 432000s
96:00:00 4d 96h 5760min 345600s
72:00:00 3d 72h 4320min 259200s
48:00:00 2d 48h 2880min 172800s
24:00:00 1d 24h 1440min 86400s
12:00:00 0.5d 12h 720min 43200s
01:00:00 0.041666666666667d 1h 60min 3600s
00:45:00 0.03125d 0.75h 45min 2700s
00:30:00 0.020833333333333d 0.5h 30min 1800s
00:15:00 0.010416666666667d 0.25h 15min 900s
00:01:00 0.00069444444444444d 0.016666666666667h 1min 60s

Arithmetic operations over durations

The duration calculator allows you to add or subtract days, hours, minutes and seconds.To add 2 hours with 14 minutes, you must enter time_converter(`2h+14min`). To subtract 12 hours to 2 days, you must enter time_converter(`2d-12h`)

Syntax :

time_converter(duration), where duration represents the value to be converted, duration must contain the unit ie s, min, h, d.

Examples :

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