quiz on solving an inequation with one unknown

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Math quiz: solve an inequation with one unknown.

This math quiz allows you to work on the techniques of solving inequalities with one unknown. These inequalities can be of the first degree, or of the second degree.

Rules of the game on inequalities with one unknown

To succeed in this math game, all you have to do is determine the values for which the expression holds.

This math quiz on inequations allows you to practice solving different types of inequations with one unknown.
Quiz solving inequalities with one unknown

The calculator included in this math quiz is able to give the detailed solution, which is a great help to better understand the algebraic calculation techniques. All the calculations in this game are done with the calculator of inequation with one unknown.

Game on inequations with one unknown

This math quiz on inequations with one unknown is a good tool to improve one's practice in solving inequations.

Course reminder : algebraic calculation.