quiz on the calculation of the gcd of two numbers

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Math quiz: calculating the GCD of two integers

This math quiz allows to practice calculating the GCD of two numbers. The calculation of the GCD is used in particular for the simplification of fractions.

Goal of the quiz on the PGCD

To pass this quiz on the PCD, you just have to know how to calculate the GCD of two integers.

This Greatest Common Divisor quiz gives practice in calculating the GCD of two integers.
Quiz on the calculation of the GCD

All the calculations in this game are done with the GCD calculator . In case of error or difficulty, the calculator integrated in this quiz will be able to give the detailed solution, which allows to learn and correct oneself.

Game on the calculation of PGCD

This math quiz on the GCD allows to improve its practice of calculation techniques on the whole numbers and on the simplification of fraction.

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Course reminder : fractions, numbers.