game expansion of an algebraic expression

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Math game: develop an algebraic expression

This math quiz allows to work on the techniques of development of algebraic expressions.

Rules of the math game on the development of mathematical expressions

The principle of this algebraic calculation game is simple. To succeed, you just have to find the development of the mathematical expression that corresponds to the proposed calculation.

The goal of this game is to develop an algebraic expression. To win this quiz, all you have to do is find the correct expansion of the expression from a list.
Game expression expansion

If you have difficulties to find the solution, this math game is able to give you the right answer which is sometimes accompanied by detailed explanations. All the calculations in this game are done with the algebraic development calculator.

Expression development game

This math quiz on expression expansion is well suited for juniors, with this math game, they will be able to develop their algebraic calculation techniques such as expansion and factorization of mathematical expressions.

Course reminder : algebraic calculation.