transform a fraction into a percentage

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Math game: transform fractions into percentages

This game on fractions and percentages allows to practice transforming a whole fraction into a percentage. The use of a calculator is not necessary to do the calculations, which favors and encourages the practice of mental calculation.

In this game of transforming a whole fraction into a percentage, children must choose the correct answer from a list of suggestions.
Fraction to percentage transformation game

How to play the fraction to percentage game

The goal of this fraction to percentage conversion game is simple, you just have to choose the right answer from a list of propositions. In case of calculation error, or difficulty, the solution is proposed. This game of fractions and percentages is well adapted to children, but can be used by other audiences.

Fraction to percentage game for juniors

The simplicity of this online fraction and percentage calculation game makes it suitable for all audiences, especially kids. After a few games, kids will be able to convert fractions into percentages.

Course reminder : numbers, fractions.