This site offers several free online math games accessible from primary school. These online arithmetic games allow to assimilate fundamental concepts of calculation in a playful way by favoring the development of the reflection and the strategy.

The proposed online calculus games have very simple rules which makes them accessible to all, they are available on all computer, tablet, smartphone, these educational online math games can be used at school, at home, on public transport, on vacation and at any time of the day. Whatever its level, all these number games , make it possible to progress, thanks to them, beginners and experts of mental calculation will only be able to improve. The children will find a fun way to learn, the older ones will find stimulating games. Free online math games available on this site are regularly updated.

The following games are available on the site : division game , criteria divisibility game , four operations game , missing operator game , countdown game , multiplication game , times tables game , three operations game , missing number game , addition tables game , magic square game , fraction game , subtraction tables game.

Here is an example of a game to learn how to calculate : Four operations game This online game of mental calculation, allows to revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division,
It helps students in learning arithmetic operations.

A game history system is integrated into the site, it allows to have the list of the last games that have been made, the answers of the players are memorized and can be compared with the expected answers. It is thus possible to check the types of error and to focus on the difficulties encountered. The games that are in this list can be done again by clicking on the link again.

The best scores of the arithmetic games performed are memorized. Records per day, week and month are available for each of the mathematical games.

To help you in these computing games, you will find times tables and addition tables.

All these calculation games can be divided into two categories: those that combine several types of mathematical operators and those that allow you to focus on one type of arithmetic operation.

Calculation game with several mathematical operations

  1. Countdown game
  2. The goal of the countdown maths game is to find a target number using arithmetic operations from a list of given numbers.

  3. Magic square game
  4. The goal of the game is to complete a magic square that has empty areas.

  5. Missing operator game
  6. Online calculation game consisting of finding the missing operator in a mathematical expression.

  7. Missing number game
  8. Online calculation game: You must find the missing number in a mathematical expression.

  9. Three operations game
  10. Online mental calculation game, allows to review addition, subtraction and multiplication, this game helps students to practise arithmetic operations

  11. Four operations game
  12. This online game of mental calculation, allows to revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, It helps students in learning arithmetic operations.

Calculation game with a single mathematical operation

  1. Addition tables game
  2. Addition tables game to learn, revise, memorize addition tables from 1 to 20 online.

  3. Times tables game
  4. Times tables game to revise and learn multiplication tables from 1 to 10 online.

  5. Multiplication game
  6. The goal is to choose from a list the multiplication that allows to calculate a given number online.

  7. Subtraction tables game
  8. Online mental calculation game to help to memorize the subtraction tables.

  9. Fraction game
  10. Online fraction game suitable for anyone looking for a good math game online.

  11. Division game
  12. Online game of calculation, which allows practicing integer division.

  13. Criteria divisibility game
  14. Online calculation game, which allows to train to recognize if a number is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 25, 100.

List of all the calculation games for kids available on the site

Take up the challenge, improve your score, and set a new record by starting a game with the best calculation games available on this site.

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